Pirani v. Pirani

NST acted for the plaintiffs in a case involving allegations of breach of trust, breach of fiduciary duty and knowing assistance arising from the winding up of four discretionary trusts that held significant hotel properties in BC and the United States. Peter Senkpiel acted as lead counsel throughout the matter, including in the 4 week trial, with support from Stephen Schachter Q.C. and James Parker.

In reasons for judgment released June 30, 2020, Madam Justice Sharma found that the defendant trustees had acted dishonestly, not in good faith and in blatant breach of their fiduciary duties, and she found that a defendant beneficiary had knowingly assisted the trustees in their breach of fiduciary duty. Madam Justice Sharma ordered disgorgement. A hearing on the scope of disgorgement and special costs was set for August 2020. The defendants have appealed the judgment.

NST Lawyers Involved