Community Initiatives.

NST has a desire to give back to its local community.

NST has long focused much of our community involvement on assisting vulnerable children and families in the lower mainland. This year, we have chosen in addition to include some other groups with which our lawyers and staff have strong connections. To that end, we are pleased to provide support to the following charities:


NST has been a long-time supporter of KidSafe. One of the firm’s partners, James C. MacInnis, Q.C. is on the board and has been engaged with this charity for several years. This year poses a particular challenge to this important local charity. KidSafe’s mission has always been to provide nurturing, safe havens for vulnerable kids when schools are traditionally closed. While this has previously referred to spring, summer and winter break, they are currently operating programs that had not been anticipated pre-COVID-19 and will continue to be needed for quite some time. KidSafe is providing essential support to nearly 500 children and their families through on-site programs as well as food pantries and home deliveries of much-needed groceries and hygiene products. Please take a look at KidSafe’s initiatives and donate to help support vulnerable children in our community and their families.


Our firm has participated in the Adopt-A-School program for many years, directly supporting Gladstone Elementary’ s breakfast program and providing groceries for families at that school, as well as supporting the David Brankin breakfast program. In 2021, NST also donated $10,000 to support Killarney Secondary to help provide groceries and other supplies for their students. Partner Murray A. Clemens, Q.C., FCIArb, has had the opportunity to visit schools and meet the kids involved in the program, which allowed us to see how the kids flourish. The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund Society was established in 1981, as the newspaper’s in-house charity with a mandate to raise funds through telling stories, in order to help needy children throughout the province. Since 2011, when the Fund created the Adopt-a-School program, they have granted more than $5.6 million to hundreds of schools and community groups across B.C., which in turn are providing more than a million meals, as well as basic necessities such as clothes, shoes and other essentials for students in need. Every penny donated is spent on grants. No administration or other costs are deducted from donations.

Covenant House

Covenant House Vancouver assists homeless and at-risk young people from ages 16-24 who have been forced from their homes due to abuse or have aged out of foster care. They have an array of services, including crisis programs offering emergency and long-term shelter and programs designed to provide youth with safe, affordable housing and support to allow them to transition to independent living. Covenant House provides mental health care and life skills training to help young people get off, and stay off, the streets.

Learning Disabilities Society

The Learning Disabilities Society is a nonprofit charity that offers affordable and accessible remedial instruction programs to children and youth ages 3-18 with suspected or diagnosed learning disabilities. They provide specialized one-to-one instruction to give children access to the tools and skills needed to increase self-esteem and academic as well as life long success. LDS offers comprehensive services including advocacy support for parents, and other programming such as social-emotional learning, speech language pathology, summer camps, online instruction, parent workshops and more.


NST is a donor to the MOSAIC Family Centre. MOSAIC is one of Canada’s largest settlement and employment organizations made up of deeply committed people who support newcomers and those with diverse backgrounds. MOSAIC’s Family Centre focuses on helping newcomer families with outreach and programs on parenting and childhood development, and helps clients find meaningful volunteer opportunities in the community. They have a variety of other programs and services to assist families and children, including providing a team of social workers, nurses and program staff to assist parents that may be struggling in their new country.

JustWork Economic Initiative

NST supports the JustWork Economic Initiative as a donor. One of our associates, James P. Parker, is a former board member and brought this Initiative to our attention. JustWork focuses on providing gainful employment to people who face difficulties in the traditional workforce. It operates three different social enterprises including catering, renovation work and a pottery studio that offer quality goods and services while supporting employees in their unique circumstances. Each enterprise allows employees flexibility, accommodations for physical and mental challenges, and ongoing assistance from employees support workers as well as from the social enterprise managers, who are dedicated to providing additional support to their employees.

Coast Mental Health

NST is a proud supporter of Coast Mental Health. This charity is focused on helping some of the most vulnerable people in our community to find housing, support and employment. Coast Mental Health has been operating in the Vancouver area for over 45 years.

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